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A few years back, we got the opportunity & privilege to shoot – The Loreal Fashion Show at The Grand Hyatt, Santacruz Mumbai.

It was one of the best fashion shows we covered along with the Lakme India Fashion Week Show.

The Loreal Fashion Show at the Grand Hyatt was a very upscale fashion show. Many celebrities, fashion stalwarts, fashion designers & the leading top hair stylists in India attended the event. Loreal had some amazing Hair Color Product Launches at the event & many of the world’s greatest Hair Stylists worked on the Models to showcase the new range of Loreal Professional Products.

Like the Lakme India Fashion Week (LIFW), the Loreal Fashion Show was also a very big success. It had a great media & news channel coverage. We were thrilled to get an opportunity to officially shoot the event for Loreal. The show was a great example of team spirit & team work.

Here are a few snaps I got to click at the event…

Best Fashion Photographer In India – Loreal Fashion Show, Grand Hyatt, Santacruz, Mumbai.


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Captures from Best Fashion Photographer in India, Art Pixel Photography (Amit Desai)

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