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We are one of the leading Fashion Photographer in Mumbai. Mumbai is rightly called the ‘Mecca’ or the Fashion Hub for Fashion Photography. It’s the fashion capital of India.

Fashion Photography is an extremely sensitive, completely dynamic and an absolutely challenging form of Photography. Whenever Art Pixel Photography undertakes a cover shoot or a photo shoot, there is a lot of project planning & management that goes behind every single assignment. Based on the concept or the theme, we decide on the right mix of fashion designers, make-up artists & hair stylists.

Your search for the best fashion photographer in Mumbai / Portfolio Photographer in Mumbai has brought you to the right place. Fashion Photography for Art Pixel Photography is not just about having a model, a backdrops or maybe a model getting shot just outdoors at a location. There is a lot more that goes behind the scenes. We are completely obsessed with every single detailing that goes when it comes to Fashion Photography.

As one of the Top Fashion Photographer in Mumbai, we have the skills & the experience to execute a fashion photo shoot to the best of your satisfaction.

The model, the fashion designers, the hair stylists, the make-up artists, the lighting, the location, the props, the backdrops, the sets, the concepts & themes, the right equipment & gear, the glass (lenses) & even the post-production & editing is at par with International Standards of Fashion Design & Photography.

As one of the premier Fashion Photographer in Mumbai, whenever we do fashion shoots / concept shoots / thematic shoots or even portraits for that matter, it’s never like a typical portfolio.…


“Photography is a medium through which I experience my affinity towards the divine. When I’m close to nature, when I am all by myself, lone (but not lonely), I experience this deep connection with a force that cannot be merely described in words where photography serves as a thread that ties my bond with The Eternal, The Almighty, The All, The Everything & also The Nothing! Lets meet, THERE!”