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Pre Bridal Photography is one of our very favourite aspects of wedding photography. Pre Bridal Photography is challenging and at the same time lots of fun to shoot.

We believe that pre wedding photo shoot is a must for every wedding event. We always recommend all our clients to get a pre-bridal or a pre-wedding photo shoot done. Its a time, when the couple is running through a lot of emotions…they are excited & nervous and at the same time tensed & happy as well.

A great way for my couples to get to know me a bit is during our pre bridal or pre wedding day photo sessions. Sometimes the wedding day itself is a bit rushed, and it goes so quickly that it becomes a blur to the Bride and Groom.

I highly recommend having a separate photo session either before the wedding day itself, or the day after is pretty good too! This way you can truly relax, be yourselves and let your personalities show & shine through without the time constraints often presented on the wedding day.

Pre bridal photography is a welcome switch from the traditional wedding day photography to contemporary fashion photography for the couple. Pre-wedding portfolio is an aggregation of photo journalistic and posed images shot by the professional candid wedding photographers.

Once a booking has been made, a pre-wedding shoot is a great way for us to get to know each other better & provides a fun way to get some fantastic pictures of the couple. When you realise that in just half an hour you have a collection of stunning photographs you will be happy that on your wedding day you know that you are going to get some really beautiful, individual pictures & portraits.

What Is So Exciting & Challenging About Indian Pre Bridal Photography?

Pre-Bridal Photography helps a great deal in story boarding and adds a lot of emotional value to the photographs & also the photo books. It also helps a lot from a photographic perspective as it creates a great deal of comfort level between the couple & their photographer.

Many couples even love doing thematic or conceptual pre-wedding destination wedding photo shoots. It may even involve going to a far off international destination where they met for the first time or proposed each other. It could be as exotic as a beautiful beach at a far off location or it could be as simple & serene as a beautiful temple / mosque or a church. The best thing about this kind of pre wedding shoot is that one can really get creative & innovative in terms of doing photography.

We had a great time doing a pre bridal photography shoot of Nishat Zaid Mansuri. Nishat is an extremely graceful, charming & beautiful young lady. She was quite open to new ideas & she gave us all the freedom and space to work in our typical non-intrusive style.

Following are some of our favourite pre-bridal photographs we shot while doing a pre-wedding photo shoot for Nishat…


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“Photography is a medium through which I experience my affinity towards the divine. When I’m close to nature, when I am all by myself, lone (but not lonely), I experience this deep connection with a force that cannot be merely described in words where photography serves as a thread that ties my bond with The Eternal, The Almighty, The All, The Everything & also The Nothing! Lets meet, THERE!”