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As one of the leading product photographer in Mumbai, we understand the significance of attractive, realistic and eye-catching product images. It’s a given, that Product Images that are eye-candy & realistic tend to sell a lot more on an e-commerce website.

We provide product photography services not only in Mumbai, India but all across the globe. We have a lot of international clients that we provide a wide range of product photography services, be it for industrial products, Jewelry Items, Watches, Food, Cars & Bikes or for that matter any kind of still photography.

Product Photography is a very challenging genre of photography as it involves a deep & thorough understanding of lighting. Not only a thorough understanding of lighting is a must, but also having a very good understanding of the product is critical. Every product is unique in its character, shape, design.

Products can be highly reflective, transparent, glossy, metallic, matte, etc in finish & design. It is necessary for a product photographer to know that the image not only looks attractive, but also is realistic & accurately represents the product that is being shot. Colour Correction, Tonal Correction, Clipping Path Services, Hi-End Post Production Work all forms an integral part of the product photography workflow.

As one of the leading product photographer in Mumbai, India, we not only have a very good knowledge of all the above, but we also have a lot of experience in creating high quality realistic images for our clients.

Below are a few sample images we shot for one of our clients. The images were shot exactly as per the clients needs & specifications.

A lot can be done in term’s of the post-production. The way we generally go about doing a product photo shoot is that, we first & foremost, meet the client & try to understand what is our clients need. We also personally see the product that needs to be shot. This helps us in getting an idea about the nature of the product & also the kind of equipment & lighting setup that would be needed for doing justice to the product that is to be shot.This post is sponsored by our partners Wigs

We also ask the client to provide us for any reference images. This helps us to know the kind of look the client is wanting to go for. All this helps us to pre-plan the entire shoot in a way that makes product photography seamless for our clients. As we are clear about what exactly is expected to be delivered, we can then go about diligently with the product photo shoot & give the best product imagery to our clients.

Product Photographer in Mumbai, India

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Here is a Slideshow version of the above pics.

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Captures from Product Photographer in Mumbai, Art Pixel Photography (Amit Desai)

“Photography is a medium through which I experience my affinity towards the divine. When I’m close to nature, when I am all by myself, lone (but not lonely), I experience this deep connection with a force that cannot be merely described in words where photography serves as a thread that ties my bond with The Eternal, The Almighty, The All, The Everything & also The Nothing! Lets meet, THERE!”