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As one of the leading Interior Photographer in Mumbai, today we are extremely pleased & super-excited to showcase a photoshoot of – The Taj – The Gateway Hotel, in Ambad, Nashik. To say that this place is regale & simply beautiful would completely be an under-statement!

The Taj – The Gateway Hotel, in Ambad, Nashik.

Our experience of doing a photo shoot at The Taj – The Gateway Hotel, has been a dream come true! It was completely an unforgettable & memorable experience right from the very outset! The moment you enter this beautiful property, you get completely carried away by the beautiful & well maintained lush greens. As soon as you get out of the car to enter this magical place, you are greeted with a warm welcome by The Taj Security Guards.

After you enter the gateway hotel, you are totally spoilt for luxury & comfort. To top that, the entire staff at the gateway hotel is extremely friendly, helpful & genuinely caring of their guests & we must say that they really take good care of us. In fact, they go all their way out to make sure that your stay at the gateway hotel is a delightful experience!

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In our short visit to the gateway hotel, we made a lot of friends. In fact once we were done with the shoot & our stay, we actually felt a bit heavy leaving the place as we had made such good friends at – The Gateway. The Chef – Mr. Sreeram, Mr Suvendu, Mr. Sweekar, Mr Debraj, Mr. Sandeep, Mr.Banshi, Mr.Mulayam, Miss Sneha & The Manager, all of them were extremely nice, warm & caring!

You always expect nothing but a top-notch level of service & standard from a Taj Group of Hotel & this place completely fits the bill! It was an honour & privilege to meet Mr.Sunil, who is in-charge of training the security folks @ The Taj. He was one of the key members of the rescue operations team for the terror attacks at – The Taj Hotel, Mumbai. Meeting him was such a humbling experience & we felt proud to get to know him in person.

The food at – The Gateway is great too! If you happen to come here, one thing you simply cannot afford to miss is the Fish Ajwaini Tikka! It is one of the finest we have had! (Yes we are fish lovers as we are from Goa!). The Restaurant (GAD – Gateway All Day) serves some amazing cuisine which includes great fusion food too. – Courtesy – The Chef – Mr. Sreeram! He’s a jolly good guy & it was a pleasure to meet him & get to know him in person.

Overall our experience at The Taj – The Gateway Hotel, in Ambad, Nashik was simply amazing! If you happen to come to Nashik for a short / long stay, look no further! This is the place you got to stay! Period!

The Taj – The Gateway Hotel, in Ambad, Nashik

As one of the leading interior photographer in mumbai, we would love to present a few of our favorite images we shot at The Taj – The Gateway Hotel, in Ambad, Nashik… we would love to hear your comments on the images below!

The Taj – The Gateway Hotel, in Ambad, Nashik




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