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Candid Maharashtrian Wedding Photography

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As one of the leading photographers in the field of Candid Maharashtrian Wedding Photography, we are excited to present to you, yet another beautiful Maharashtrian Wedding!

This wedding story is about a beautiful maharashtrian couple, Ridhima & Samit. Their wedding was simple, beautiful & at the same time grand, classy, vibrant & colourful! The pictures below are a testimony to this!

Samit Sawant, the groom, hails from Santa Clara, California. He was dressed impeccably for the D-Day! Sumit not only comes across but actually is genuinely a very simple & down to earth guy! Ridhima Satam, the bride, on the other hand is someone who comes across as full of energy, bubbly & enthusiastic and she was looking extremely beautiful and photogenic for the occasion!

She was looking stunning & was dressed in a traditional nine yard ‘Paithani Saree’. The wedding was a proper Maharashtrian Wedding & was done with great pomp! It was done with great religious observance and as Candid Wedding Photographers, we had a great time capturing the traditions & rituals at the wedding. Having a good understanding of the above rituals is very important for capturing Candid Moments especially with when it comes to Maharashtrian Candid Wedding Photography.

Here is a brief explanation of some of these Important Maharashtrian Wedding Customs & Rituals:

At the time of shubh muhurat, the girl’s maternal uncle leads her to the mandap. The girl and boy are not allowed to glance at each other; therefore, the girl is taken to the mandap by raising an Antarpaat (a white cloth that is used as a partition between the bride and groom.…


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Sikh Wedding Photographer in India

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As one of the leading Candid Sikh Wedding Photographer / Punjabi Wedding Photographer’s in India, we have had the privilege of capturing quite a few Sikh / Punjabi Weddings. Simran & Ashish our beautiful couple were an absolute blast to work with! They as well as their families, were a bunch of totally fun & chilled out people we have come across.

Simran belongs to a strong ethical sikh culture & Ashish hails from a classy & well cultured gujarati family. They both make for an awesome pair. Their chemistry was excellent & it made my work as a candid photographer that much easier.This article offers free shipping on qualified Face mask products, or buy online and pick up in store today at Medical Department

When two people are very much in love, it shows! This wedding was a 3 day elaborate affair!

We were asked to cover all the events leading to the final d-day – the wedding day!

As one of the leading Sikh Wedding Photographer, we got the opportunity to cover the following events:

1. Shagun Tilak Roka Ceremony
2. Vatna Gharoli Ceremony
3, Chuda Ceremony
4. Wedding (In A Beautiful Gurudwara)

Shagun Tilak Roka Ceremony:
The Shagun Tilak Roka Ceremony or Engagement Ceremony marks the beginning of the sikh wedding celebrations. It is also called Tilak, which is performed by a bhaiji (preacher) of the Gurudwara. He reads hymns and then applies a tilak on the groom’s forehead, to mark the engagement ceremony. On this occasion, both the families, exchange gifts in order to confirm the engagement of the couple. The bride’s family takes care of the ceremonial activities of the engagement. As a part of the shagun, a thali containing coconut, dry dates, sugar & money are sent to the groom’s family by the bride’s family.…


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As one of the leading Candid Maharashtrian Wedding Photographer, we have had the privilege of capturing a lot of Maharashtrian Couples & beautiful Maharashtrian Weddings. One of the peculiar aspects of a Maharashtrian Wedding is that they are very colourful, lively & full of fun & frolic.

This wedding was no different. Akash Madan, the groom is an extremely charismatic, cheerful & fun loving guy. He not only comes across as extremely caring & sweet but he is exactly that in real too. After seeing his pictures we took, I was reminded of The Young Dilip Kumar of his times. See the pictures below & you will find his looks reminiscent of Mr.Dilip Kumar in his younger days. Akash is an MBA Graduate from one of the leading B-Schools in Mumbai & India – Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies (JBIMS).

Although, he is well educated & intelligent, he is at the same time very down to earth & humble. Priti Mhatre, the bride on the other hand is sweet, simple & fun loving too. That’s why they make such a good pair together. Initially when I was clicking Priti’s photographs, I had told her that she didn’t have to pose…just be herself & I would take care of the rest.

But initially, she was a little conscious, but soon she completely transformed herself in front of the camera. It was as if she was not at all camera shy. We had a blast shooting Priti & Akash together. We could capture a lot of candid moments between Akash & Priti as they both shared great on screen chemistry. It truly showed how much they cared, loved & had respect for each other.…


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Indian Wedding Photography

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Are you looking for the absolute best in Indian Wedding Photography services? We have the expertise & the experience of having covered some of the most beautiful & exotic Indian Weddings.

Indian wedding photography has come of age in a very big way! Gone are the days when Wedding Photography was merely a formality that involved clicking just point & shoot family portraits & group photographs. The Indian wedding scenario has changed by leaps today & we now see a more artistic & fine-art approach & outlook to Indian Wedding Photography. This has been a much needed welcome change from the regular typical photography that we all have been so used to seeing from the past.

For capturing the absolute best candid moments in ambient light (sometimes the ambient light can be very low) it calls for expensive high-end Photography Equipment & Gear. There cannot be a compromise on the photographic gear and equipment when shooting without flash especially in low ambient light situations. Shooting without a flash-gun in low-ambient light maintains the richness & the royal tonal quality of the ambience of the venue.

What Makes Us Provide You With The Finest Indian Wedding Photography Services?

We have had the opportunity to capture some really beautiful Indian Weddings and never once have we used flash! Also, we didn’t get blurry images even in low-light. See the images below to see for yourself how crisp & tack sharp the pictures are & also see how well the tonal richness of the ambient light is maintained in each & every photograph.

For providing our clients with the finest in Indian Wedding Photography services, we also have premium hand-crafted, completely personalised wedding photo-books & coffee table books.…


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Indian Pre Bridal Photography

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Pre Bridal Photography is one of our very favourite aspects of wedding photography. Pre Bridal Photography is challenging and at the same time lots of fun to shoot.

We believe that pre wedding photo shoot is a must for every wedding event. We always recommend all our clients to get a pre-bridal or a pre-wedding photo shoot done. Its a time, when the couple is running through a lot of emotions…they are excited & nervous and at the same time tensed & happy as well.

A great way for my couples to get to know me a bit is during our pre bridal or pre wedding day photo sessions. Sometimes the wedding day itself is a bit rushed, and it goes so quickly that it becomes a blur to the Bride and Groom.

I highly recommend having a separate photo session either before the wedding day itself, or the day after is pretty good too! This way you can truly relax, be yourselves and let your personalities show & shine through without the time constraints often presented on the wedding day.

Pre bridal photography is a welcome switch from the traditional wedding day photography to contemporary fashion photography for the couple. Pre-wedding portfolio is an aggregation of photo journalistic and posed images shot by the professional candid wedding photographers.

Once a booking has been made, a pre-wedding shoot is a great way for us to get to know each other better & provides a fun way to get some fantastic pictures of the couple. When you realise that in just half an hour you have a collection of stunning photographs you will be happy that on your wedding day you know that you are going to get some really beautiful, individual pictures & portraits.…


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