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As one of the leading Candid Sikh Wedding Photographer / Punjabi Wedding Photographer’s in India, we have had the privilege of capturing quite a few Sikh / Punjabi Weddings. Simran & Ashish our beautiful couple were an absolute blast to work with! They as well as their families, were a bunch of totally fun & chilled out people we have come across.

Simran belongs to a strong ethical sikh culture & Ashish hails from a classy & well cultured gujarati family. They both make for an awesome pair. Their chemistry was excellent & it made my work as a candid photographer that much easier.

When two people are very much in love, it shows! This wedding was a 3 day elaborate affair!

We were asked to cover all the events leading to the final d-day – the wedding day!

As one of the leading Sikh Wedding Photographer, we got the opportunity to cover the following events:

1. Shagun Tilak Roka Ceremony
2. Vatna Gharoli Ceremony
3, Chuda Ceremony
4. Wedding (In A Beautiful Gurudwara)

Shagun Tilak Roka Ceremony:
The Shagun Tilak Roka Ceremony or Engagement Ceremony marks the beginning of the sikh wedding celebrations. It is also called Tilak, which is performed by a bhaiji (preacher) of the Gurudwara. He reads hymns and then applies a tilak on the groom’s forehead, to mark the engagement ceremony. On this occasion, both the families, exchange gifts in order to confirm the engagement of the couple. The bride’s family takes care of the ceremonial activities of the engagement. As a part of the shagun, a thali containing coconut, dry dates, sugar & money are sent to the groom’s family by the bride’s family.

Roka is performed on a mutually convenient date backed by the ‘shubh muhurat’ and it’s a simple function which is attended by family members and close friends. There is normally an exchange of gifts and cash. After this the girl and the boy are considered engaged to each other and are also allowed to court. The wedding date is fixed after the engagement.

Vatna Gharoli Ceremony:
The Vatna Gharoli Ceremony is one of the rituals that explains the importance of Sikh Culture. Vatna is a ritual celebrated a few days before the wedding ceremony. According to the Sikh Tradition, vatna, a scented powder consisting of barley flour, turmeric & mustard oil is smeared on the bride & the groom. This is then followed by an auspicious bath.

Mehndi is another pre-wedding ritual organized on the eve of the marriage. During Mehndi Ceremony, Henna is applied on the hands and the feet of the bride. Gharoli is observed in the morning of the wedding day, at the groom’s home. During the occasion, the groom’s sister-in-law, accompanied by other female relatives, go to a nearby well or Gurudwara to fill an earthen pitcher i.e. gharoli with water, which is later used to bathe the groom.

Chuda Ceremony:
The Chuda Ceremony is generally organized at the bride’s wherein the maternal uncle & aunt of the bride adorn her wrist with white and red bangles. The ‘chuda’ ceremony begins with a Prayer performed by he family. The oldest mama & mami (or those performing this ceremony) keep a fast till chuda. The chuda, i.e., the set of cream and red ivory bangles, is shown to the girl just before the ceremony.On the wedding day the rituals at the girl’s home begin with the Chuda ceremony.

The oldest maternal uncle and aunt play an important role in the performance of the ceremony. They fast till the event is completed. Chuda is basically a set of red and cream ivory bangles that is touched by all present. People touch the chuda and give their heartiest wishes to the girl for her future married life. Also, they sprinkle flower petals on the bride. Sweets are distributed to all.

The Wedding (In A Beautiful Gurudwara):

The wedding of Simran & Ashish was done in a proper traditional sikh wedding style. Keeping the old Sikh tradition alive the groom arranged to arrive by horseback for the meeting of the family. Ardas is the common Sikh prayer and is invoked at the start and conclusion of every Sikh event. Here both families perform Ardas on their meeting each other. A simple ceremony takes place and both families exchange well wishes on meeting each other. This is followed by light snacks and tea before the religious ceremony begins. Ragis perform kirtan (the singing of hymns from Sri Guru Granth Sahib) as people begin to enter the Gurudwara for the beginning of the ceremony.

This is when the bride makes her first public appearance of the day. Men and women sit on opposite sides of the Gurudwara hall at equal distances from Sri Guru Granth Sahib. Non Sikh male and female visitors and guests can usually sit together if they wish.

We had an absolute blast capturing all the functions that constitute a Sikh Wedding and we take this opportunity to congratulate & wish both Simran & Ashish a beautiful life ahead, a life full of love, happiness, peace & prosperity.

Here are a few of our favorite pictures…

Candid Sikh Wedding Photographer

Shagun Tilak Roka Ceremony (Pictures)

punjabi-wedding-photographer-01-5215580 punjabi-wedding-photographer-02-5955830 punjabi-wedding-photographer-03-6909907 punjabi-wedding-photographer-04-8500457 punjabi-wedding-photographer-05-6289450 punjabi-wedding-photographer-06-7944118 punjabi-wedding-photographer-07-9269150 punjabi-wedding-photographer-08-8768603 punjabi-wedding-photographer-09-1046854 punjabi-wedding-photographer-10-7598993 punjabi-wedding-photographer-11-7078137 punjabi-wedding-photographer-12-3863174 punjabi-wedding-photographer-13-9435777 punjabi-wedding-photographer-14-8149690 punjabi-wedding-photographer-15-4870023 punjabi-wedding-photographer-16-6714448 punjabi-wedding-photographer-17-6091765 punjabi-wedding-photographer-18-6338204 punjabi-wedding-photographer-19-9018690 punjabi-wedding-photographer-20-6580766 punjabi-wedding-photographer-21-6480583 punjabi-wedding-photographer-22-7272661 punjabi-wedding-photographer-23-5516574 punjabi-wedding-photographer-24-6089525 punjabi-wedding-photographer-25-7783981 punjabi-wedding-photographer-26-9808705 punjabi-wedding-photographer-27-1935066 punjabi-wedding-photographer-28-9611008 punjabi-wedding-photographer-30-4387132 punjabi-wedding-photographer-31-1951557 punjabi-wedding-photographer-32-6351456 punjabi-wedding-photographer-33-4490704 punjabi-wedding-photographer-34-9980626 punjabi-wedding-photographer-35-9392143 punjabi-wedding-photographer-36-2775489 punjabi-wedding-photographer-37-1717645 punjabi-wedding-photographer-38-2096351 punjabi-wedding-photographer-39-6663467 punjabi-wedding-photographer-40-5316378 punjabi-wedding-photographer-41-7816768 punjabi-wedding-photographer-42-1235583 punjabi-wedding-photographer-43-4191893

Vatna Gharoli Ceremony (Pictures)

punjabi-wedding-photographer-44-9737575 punjabi-wedding-photographer-45-5540979 punjabi-wedding-photographer-46-1974363 punjabi-wedding-photographer-47-1093358 punjabi-wedding-photographer-48-9073867 punjabi-wedding-photographer-49-7913513 punjabi-wedding-photographer-50-8955809 punjabi-wedding-photographer-51-6549233 punjabi-wedding-photographer-52-9138592 punjabi-wedding-photographer-53-8343033 punjabi-wedding-photographer-54-5147722 punjabi-wedding-photographer-55-4074254 punjabi-wedding-photographer-56-2118039 punjabi-wedding-photographer-57-4440306 punjabi-wedding-photographer-58-5041629 punjabi-wedding-photographer-59-7575635 punjabi-wedding-photographer-60-8375103 punjabi-wedding-photographer-61-2433925 punjabi-wedding-photographer-62-4930268 punjabi-wedding-photographer-63-2329999 punjabi-wedding-photographer-64-6477715 punjabi-wedding-photographer-65-9667780 punjabi-wedding-photographer-66-1713256 punjabi-wedding-photographer-67-5202418 punjabi-wedding-photographer-68-9921878 punjabi-wedding-photographer-69-7517002 punjabi-wedding-photographer-70-3814689 punjabi-wedding-photographer-71-9103898 punjabi-wedding-photographer-72-9563827 punjabi-wedding-photographer-73-5675837 punjabi-wedding-photographer-74-6696981 punjabi-wedding-photographer-75-2365720 punjabi-wedding-photographer-76-2732928 punjabi-wedding-photographer-77-2082761 punjabi-wedding-photographer-78-2466364 punjabi-wedding-photographer-79-9436272 punjabi-wedding-photographer-80-6451706 punjabi-wedding-photographer-81-1047453 punjabi-wedding-photographer-82-6804469

Chuda Ceremony (Pictures)

punjabi-wedding-photographer-83-5511648 punjabi-wedding-photographer-84-8690640 punjabi-wedding-photographer-85-4947146 punjabi-wedding-photographer-86-7986263 punjabi-wedding-photographer-87-1772861 punjabi-wedding-photographer-88-2374283 punjabi-wedding-photographer-89-1444288 punjabi-wedding-photographer-90-2627749 punjabi-wedding-photographer-91-5946560 punjabi-wedding-photographer-92-7050026 punjabi-wedding-photographer-93-1141260 punjabi-wedding-photographer-94-2675686 punjabi-wedding-photographer-95-5048904 punjabi-wedding-photographer-96-2253370 punjabi-wedding-photographer-97-5318456 punjabi-wedding-photographer-98-5992207

Wedding (In A Beautiful Gurudwara) (Pictures)

punjabi-wedding-photographer-99-8801390 punjabi-wedding-photographer-100-1325385 punjabi-wedding-photographer-101-4853371 punjabi-wedding-photographer-102-1043597 punjabi-wedding-photographer-103-8296655 punjabi-wedding-photographer-104-5765200 punjabi-wedding-photographer-105-7389485 punjabi-wedding-photographer-106-5468278 punjabi-wedding-photographer-107-6391897 punjabi-wedding-photographer-108-2910884 punjabi-wedding-photographer-109-6203532 punjabi-wedding-photographer-110-4574409 punjabi-wedding-photographer-111-6871776 punjabi-wedding-photographer-112-9310022 punjabi-wedding-photographer-113-6378647 punjabi-wedding-photographer-114-9049653 punjabi-wedding-photographer-115-8163995 punjabi-wedding-photographer-116-7752254 punjabi-wedding-photographer-117-6347160 punjabi-wedding-photographer-118-3345155 punjabi-wedding-photographer-119-1508484 punjabi-wedding-photographer-120-6027869 punjabi-wedding-photographer-121-8811409 punjabi-wedding-photographer-122-3048663 punjabi-wedding-photographer-123-7758022 punjabi-wedding-photographer-124-7499538 punjabi-wedding-photographer-125-5506517 punjabi-wedding-photographer-126-1063680 punjabi-wedding-photographer-127-4367667 punjabi-wedding-photographer-128-4761818 punjabi-wedding-photographer-129-4191208 punjabi-wedding-photographer-130-1311422 punjabi-wedding-photographer-131-4910623 punjabi-wedding-photographer-132-3657516 punjabi-wedding-photographer-133-5291479

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